May 25th

25th May 2022

Hours, Minutes, Seconds

Estimate the time it takes to complete these activities. 

  • A maths lesson
  • Write your name
  • Eat lunch
  • Click your fingers
  • Walk to another classroom
  • Lunch break
  • Walk the perimeter of the classroom
  • Sit down on a chair

  • Jarrad says, “It would take me about one minute to draw doodle on a page.” Leia says, “It would take me about five minutes to draw a doodle on a page.” Both children could be correct. Explain why. 

  • To 8. Answers will vary depending on the pupil/ timetable. 

Challenge Answer

Both children could be correct as it depends on the size of the page and the size/ detail of the doodle. Jarrad may create a small doodle with little detail but Leia may draw a larger, detailed doodle.