National Pet Month

Multiplication, Addition, Division, Subtraction: 3C3, 5M5, 6C3, 6M6, 6M9


Pet Awareness is a charity which raises awareness of responsible pet ownership through educational campaigns, they celebrate the benefits of pet ownership and encourage fundraising for the nation's pets in need. 


Spot the Mistakes

Mary bought her pet dog some treats for £3.58 and a ball for 95p.


a) £3.58          b) £3.58

  + 95                 £0.95p

   £13.08             £3.43


  • Identify some of the mistakes in the equations above


Ready for a Challenge

  • If Mary spent £4.53, how much change did she get from £10? 

a) £4.57          b) £6.53          c) £5.47